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Frequently Asked Questions

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How easy is it to set up training for my company or organization?
It's simple! Register at Kavacast (it's free!).  Then follow the simple steps to upload your training video and quiz questions into our system. In less than 10 minutes, you can have your training activity up and running.  Just copy the special Kavacast web link that's created and send the link out by email to your participants.  Or add the link to a private area on your website... it's that easy. 

What is the cost?
Kavacast is free to start.  Then we offer a few, simple and affordable plans to suit any business need. Click here to learn more. 

How many users and how many training videos can I host at any given time? 
Limitless depending on the plan you select.

Why is Kavacast really effective at training people?
First, it makes it easy for people to learn at their convenience - anytime, from the comfort of their home, office, or anywhere else, with a computer and internet access. Next, by enabling users to "earn while they learn," Kavacast motivates participants to focus on and retain the information that is communicated in the video.

How long should my training video be?
To maximize user attention and focus, we recommend keeping the video to about 3 minutes in length. If your content requires more time to communicate, we recommend splitting it into shorter segments of about this length to help maximize user retention.

Don't I need expensive equipment to create training videos? 
No! Some of the best and most engaging training videos on the web have been created with home video cameras. Just follow our tips on "keeping it simple" to create great content.

How can I measure what my audience has learned?
Kavacast provides you real-time, 24/7 access to instant reports of who participated, the average quiz score among all participants to date, and valuable feedback from participants to any survey questions you choose to include (e.g. user reactions to the video content and how they found it to be helpful). 

Is Kavacast right for an organization of our size and type? 
Our customers include small companies with just a handful of employees to Fortune 100 companies and organizations.  All size comapnies are looking for time-saving, cost-effective, proven methods for training of their employees, customers and other audiences - and Kavacast is meeting their needs.

What are some of the ways companies use KavaCast?

  • Teaching internal and external sales reps about new product features and benefits - and how to apply them.
  • Training employees on new HR or other company policies.
  • Expanding the knowledge and selling skills of truck drivers and delivery staff.
  • Educating restaurant waitstaff, bartenders or retail store employees on how to sell a product.
  • Ensuring service techs understand how to most efficiently repair or replace a part in the field.
  • Driving top-of-mind awareness of existing products among distributor sales representatives.
  • Motivating prospective customers to learn about a company's point-of-difference.
  • Soliciting feedback among employees and customers on a product in development

How does the cash rewards feature work? 
When you upload a video and quiz questions into your channel, you'll have the option to also include rewards for your participants. For example, you may want to motivate timely participation by rewarding the "Early Bird" participants with $25 and subsequent participants with $10 cash. Or, you may choose to use the "Perfect Score" reward for participants who receive a 100% score on the quiz after the training video.

Simply select which category(s) of reward(s) you want to include (e.g. "Early Bird," "Perfect Score," etc..  And select the quantity of each reward you'd like to offer, and the value of each reward (e.g. $5, $10, $25, etc.).

For example: Maybe you'd like to offer the first 50 participants an "Early Bird" reward of $10 and the next 100 participants a reward of $5 for participating. And maybe you'd like to reward the first 50 participants who score 100 on the quiz a bonus of $10. In this example, the total of the rewards you are offering is $1,500 (50 Early Bird Rewards @ $10 = $500; 100 subsequent Participant Rewards @ $5 = $500; 50 Perfect Score Rewards @ $10 = $500).

Kavacast will keep tra

You pre-pay for the rewards you are offering plus a small fee if you'd like KavaCast to handle the fulfillment of cash rewards.

How much does it cost for KavaCast to fulfill the cash rewards?
In addition to the actual cash value of the rewards, KavaCast charges just $2 per reward to mail checks by First Class Mail to each of the reward recipients. In the above example, the rewards fulfillment fees would be $400 (200 rewards @ $2 fulfillment fee per reward). This turnkey feature offers both convenience and great savings when compared to hiring a fulfillment company or assigning an employee or temporary worker to organize the mailing list, generate and sign checks, purchase envelopes and postage, and stuff and mail the checks. 

How can I ensure that only the participants that I deem eligible for my channel receive a reward?
You'll have 24/7 "real time" access to the participants on your channel. If you identify any participants that should not receive an award, simply tag their reward for "hold" status within 10 business days and KavaCast will not fulfill that reward until you "release" it.

What if I'd prefer to handle my own rewards fulfillment - or offer no rewards at all? 
No problem! KavaCast makes it easy for you to download and print the list of participants' contact info so you can offer other rewards that you fulfill - or no rewards, if you choose.

How is the data containing my users' names and contact info protected for privacy?
KavaCast uses encryption and other security methods to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of data used by our system. We will never share, sell, or rent your account information or your user data with anyone without your advance permission or unless ordered by a court of law. Information submitted to us is only available to employees or contracted service providers managing this information for purposes of contacting you and providing services you've contracted for you and/or your channel users. 

I'd like to give KavaCast a try! Where can I get started?
Great! Click here to begin.

I have some additional questions. How can I reach you?
drop us an email with your questions and phone number and we'll get back in touch with you right away.

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