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Why Kavacast?

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Your company or organization thrives on knowledgeable professionals. The challenge is that learning has now become a constant effort... not just a once-in-a-while classroom thing.

With Kavacast, you easily upload short videos and "broadcast" your lessons!  Offer them in bite-size, short lessons so your key points are easily remembered.

No need to organize in-person meetings or complicated online seminars.  Sales reps, agents, customers, service techs can tune in and learn when it's convenient outside of their critical business hours.

Even add a short quiz to monitor their retention. Offer cash or reward points to gather your audience's undivided attention for your important information. Or simply conduct a survey with Kavacast.

Kavacast pays for itself with the first lesson by saving everybody's time, travel expense "lost opportunity" costs by being out of the field.  Plus, you can let others share their video lessons among their peers in a fun, engaging format.

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